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An important share of our budget is intended to pay for insurance. We always feel that we pay more for our insurance, especially for car insurance, which is true. In this article, we will tell you the best auto insurance and show you how to save lots of money every year.


Low Cost Insurance – Choose with Criteria

Low Cost Insurance - Choose with Criteria

Before we start, we want to warn of a possible “trap” when talking about traditional low-cost insurers. In fact, when faced with premiums a few euros cheaper we tend to look at monthly savings and we are not aware that the level of service can get impaired. In this context, we always suggest some caution because often the cheap is expensive.


How to Save on Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

We are in a market economy. Today you can save a lot of money by negotiating our insurance. And we do not just talk about auto insurance but also life insurance (yes, it is possible to save a lot of money on housing life insurance without rising the spread ). The word of order to save money on auto insurance is negotiation. There are dozens of insurance companies and it is possible to lower insurance premiums in three steps, with no associated costs.


Consult an Insurance Broker

The first step to saving money and having low cost car insurance is to consult an insurance broker. Insurance brokers consult insurance premiums on several companies simultaneously and use their bargaining power to grant higher discounts. Note that the insurance broker can not have exclusivity with a small number of companies because it would detract from the whole process.


Provide your Data

Provide your Data

Once you’ve identified your trusted broker, we suggest you submit the data to get the best solution for your specific case. Depending on the type of insurance, different types of information will be required. To get a simulation for your car insurance you should provide:

  • Date of birth of the habitual driver;
  • Date of driver’s license;
  • License plate of the car to be held.


Formalize your Contract

The third step, after getting the quote for your cheapest insurance (on average you can reduce 20% -30% without effort) is to formalize the new contract with the support of your broker. The broker deals with all the formalities and assumes a very important role when we talk about claims. Unlike low cost insurers, the brokers give you all the service in case of loss. They try everything to ensure that the chosen insurance company will abide by the contract.

After all the process that takes place at no cost and without commitment, you can start saving several tens of euros every year (of course it depends on the value of the insurance). What we suggest is that you repeat the process every year to increase your savings.

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