Malibank cash loan – reviews.

Palibank has been around since 2003 – it was established after the rebranding of Bank Społem, which dates back to 1990. Palibank is one of the few commercial banks that focuses exclusively on individual customer service – it has no offers for entrepreneurs. He was also the first financial institution that offered clients, among others payment cards issued immediately and a network of online deposit machines. In addition to stationary branches, Palibank operates electronic, telephone and mobile banking (it has a mobile application). In marketing activities, the bank focused on famous Poles, of which the most popular were the commercials featuring an actor

Palibank promotion – online loan

Palibank goes out to customers with a unique promotional offer “Loan with a low interest rate guarantee”. The offer applies to a loan of between PLN 500 and 4,000, and the period for which it can be taken is between 3 and 10 months. APRC for promotion is 4.5 percent. The promotion lasts only until July 31, 2018, so you should hurry up.

Before the customer decides to take out a loan, he can use a convenient calculator and calculate the installment he would pay off. Then, after completing the application and accepting the loan agreement, the money in his account will appear even in 15 minutes!

Palibank – product offer

Palibank - product offer

Palibank is a modern financial institution that provides customers with tailored financial products and the highest quality of service. The bank’s offer includes personal accounts for PLN 0, cash loans, mortgages, if you plan to buy your own M and many ways to accumulate savings. Deposits and savings accounts allow you to profitably deposit funds, deciding for yourself which product is best for us. Palibank also offers investment services, leasing and insurance. A wide range of products encourages to choose the banking services that suit us. The more that they are easily available. We can use modern internet banking or go to one of 500 branches located throughout Poland.

Cash loan up to PLN 120,000

Cash loan up to PLN 120,000

A Palibank cash loan is the best way to realize your plans. The more that the injection of cash ranges from 500 to even 120,000 PLN, and the money can be used for any purpose. The amount that will be awarded to us depends on our creditworthiness. If we combine the income with the income of a loved one, we can count on a much larger loan. After submitting the application we will quickly receive a decision, and we have 3 to 108 months to return the money. We choose the installment repayment day ourselves, and each time before the set date we receive an SMS reminding about the payment. Forget-me-nots can set a repayment order – the installment will be automatically charged to the account. Once every 12 months, when the loan repayments are not good, the bank allows you to take advantage of credit holidays. However, you must meet the condition that you pay installments over a period of at least 6 months.

The cash loan offer at Palibank has a fixed interest rate. We can reduce it by 1.5% if we transfer the remuneration or pension for the entire duration of the loan. As far as cash loan insurance is concerned, we have two packages at Palibank – basic (from death and permanent disability) and extended (from job loss or temporary inability to work or serious illness).

To compare the Palibank offer with the offer of cash loans from other banks, you can check the updated ranking of cash loans.

How to apply for a loan at Palibank?

How to apply for a loan at Palibank?

Filing an application with Palibank is simple and trouble-free. We have two options for reasoning.
If we want to get a loan, we can:

  1. Go to a bank branch with an ID card and a document that will confirm our income. When the adviser examines our credit standing, he will present us an offer. Then we sign the contract and wait for the money to be transferred to the account.
  2. Submit an application online. To do this, we need to set up an individual Palibank account and log in to online banking. We fill out the online form and then receive a loan offer. We choose the amount and number of installments, and approve the contract using an SMS token or password. Cash should reach our account after a few minutes.

Palibank – requirements for borrowers

Palibank - requirements for borrowers

We will get a cash loan in Palibank if we meet a few simple conditions.
Palibank expects from its clients:

  • full legal capacity,
  • ID card,
  • permanent address in Poland,
  • Polish citizenship,
  • creditworthiness,
  • fixed income,
  • a set of correctly submitted documents.

In addition, the customer may not file for bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings may not be brought against him. The person who has already declared consumer bankruptcy cannot be the borrower.

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