One in a Mortgage Without Floor Clause and a Handful of Advantages Plus

The outlook is good in the real estate market. In fact, there is a recovery and a rebound in sales. However, it is obvious that the comeback is slow, barely noticeable and that, of course, it will not even reach the pre-crisis price levels.

Therefore, it is necessary to take strength and be encouraged to acquire a property, because this train, that of buying a house at a more or less acceptable price, may not happen again.

Thus, 83% of managers of large construction companies believe that housing will not go down anymore.

Although we assume that before entering into the subject you will want to know what possibilities the banking sector offers you when hiring a mortgage because only a privileged few are able to release cash and sound for the purchase of the home. In this article we intend to get into the Uno-e mortgage ; One of the few mortgages that, in addition to being handled comfortably from your home, is exempt from the so-called land clause. A condition that, fortunately, is banished from the fine print of this mortgage and that means that if the Nuribor falls, your monthly installment will also do so.

By the way, behind the scenes of Uno-e the BBVA hides, and this one that we explain below is its commitment to an online bank.


What does the Uno-e mortgage offer you?

What does the Uno-e mortgage offer you?

To start we will stop at what it offers you and what are the main attractions for the client, in addition to its weak points. All of them will be discovered after reading this article that although it does not succeed in being exhaustive, at least it will die in the attempt.

  • There are no commissions . Do not insist on looking for them, because they neither are nor expect them. So forget the wide range of possible commissions because none will have anything to do with you on this mortgage. In short, it lacks study fees, openness, total or partial cancellation or subrogation.
  • You can access up to an interest of Nuribor + 1.10% .
  • You have a maximum term to pay the mortgage of the habitual residence of 35 years. In addition, it covers up to 80% of the appraisal value. In the case of being a second home, it can be paid for up to 20 years and covers up to 60% of the value.
  • You can request it from 30,000.
  • The review is annual .
  • One of its great assets is flexibility . You can choose the fee to pay each year, in addition to increasing, maintaining or reducing the return period. If you walk just a month, the Uno-e mortgage allows you to defer up to two installments a year. It is also feasible to opt for the fixed rate that guarantees a constant fee.


Applicable interest

Applicable interest

Here we have to set aside to explain the various aspects of the interest offered by the Uno-e mortgage, as this will vary depending on the product contracted:

Nuribor 1.10% : TIN 1,142% (APR variable 1.88%). If you want this interest applied to you, the following conditions must be met.

  • A life insurance with a single premium financed with BBVA Seguros for the entire amount of the loan.
  • A home insurance with BBVA Seguros covering a continent of 93,829.27 euros and a content of 9,000 euros.
  • Nuribor 1.20: TIN 1,242% (APR variable 1.85%). In this case it is necessary to hire the following products:
  • A home insurance with BBVA Seguros covering a continent of 93,829.27 euros and a content of 9,000 euros.
  • The direct debit of a payroll in a basic Uno-e account.
  • Nuribor 1.30: TIN 1,342 (APR variable 1.93%). To benefit from this interest rate, you will need direct debit in a basic Uno-e account.


Customer requirements

Customer requirements

To access this account, you must first monitor for the fulfillment of certain requirements:

  • Be a natural person of legal age and resident in Spain.
  • Maximum two holders.
  • Direct the payment of mortgage payments in a basic account unoe.


How to request it?

How to request it?

Like any online bank worth its salt, Uno-e simplifies procedures to the fullest and customer comfort prevails in them. The entity finishes paperwork in five steps and without setting foot in any entity. Sure, it’s online! It would be missing! In our comparator we perfectly illustrate this phase with a video that leaves no shadow of a doubt.

  1. Those interested can first opt ​​for a simulation to see how their mortgage would look if it were approved. It does not take more than ten minutes.
  2. If the result is satisfactory, the second step is carried out by an agent who calls the client to communicate the possible good news. That is, if your mortgage intentions in Uno-e are viable or not.
  3. Then you will receive an email informing you of the precise documents to perform the management.  
  4. A messenger goes to the client’s house to pick them up and the paperwork is finished.
  5. In a few days they tell you if your mortgage has finally been approved.



mortgage loan

Both the features and the simple and quick way to obtain it make this mortgage an advantageous option among the many that the market offers. From our loan comparator we have addressed all its aspects, requirements and precise steps to get hold of it.

If you are interested, you can contact the entity through our website and even leave us your impressions and comments about your experience that many users will value in the future when choosing one or another option in the market.

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