Payday loans and phone loans – the best offer

We can observe that more and more companies are introducing phone loans. This option is very convenient, especially for customers who are not familiar with internet solutions. However, online payday loans also do not lose customer recognition. The choice of one of these two options should depend on the individual situation of the borrower.

A loan on the phone immediately in the offer of 10 loan companies

A loan on the phone immediately in the offer of 10 loan companies

A telephone loan is a great alternative to an online loan. Unlike internet loans, it doesn’t require access to the network. You can also apply for this type of non-bank loan without leaving your home. However, instead of choosing credit terms on the monitor screen, we discuss them during a telephone consultation.

A loan on the phone is granted by up to 10 loan companies! The table below presents current offers. We compare them in terms of the amount available, repayment time, how money is withdrawn, and how to verify your identity. We also check whether the lender gives you the opportunity to apply online. Discover the exact loan offer by phone!

Loans and payday loans are available to new and / or regular customers. In most cases, a phone loan requires prior registration and a verification transfer. We can also apply for payday loans without a transfer, confirming our identity, e.g. using the Instantor service. For regular customers, just call the Customer Service Center and sign up for a loan.

The dominant form of transferring funds from a telephone loan is transfer. Only OkayFinance offers a loan with collection at the post office. It is worth using this option if you want to receive cash in your hand.

More loan offers can be found in the installment loans and payday loans rankings. Constantly updated statements are the best help in choosing a loan!

Credit over the phone in four steps

Credit over the phone in four steps

How do I apply for a loan by phone? We are four simple steps away from additional funds.

The process of applying for a phone loan for new clients of a loan company:

  1. Register on the loan company’s website with the required details.
  2. Verify your identity as indicated by the lender.
  3. Call the phone number on the website and inform the consultant what loan you want to get. The consultant will submit an application on your behalf, specifying the amount and period of credit indicated by you.
  4. Wait for the approval of the application and cash transfer!

If you have already used the services of the company, applying for a loan by phone on your account is even easier.

The process of applying for a phone loan for existing customers of a loan company:

  1. Call the phone number on the website of the selected loan company. Provide the consultant with the loan amount and loan period.
  2. Wait for confirmation of the application in the form of an SMS.
  3. Enjoy the cash that you can spend on any purpose.

Important! If we are new customers, we can fill out the application form by phone. We will also use a smartphone to perform a verification transfer. Just go to the bank’s website or use the mobile application. Today as much as 74.8 percent Poles have a phone with a touch display, so completing the formalities will not be a problem! 1 .

Who can apply for a phone loan?

Who can apply for a phone loan?

Anyone who meets the conditions set by lenders can apply for a phone loan in 15 minutes. The most common requirements of loan companies are:

  • age over 18 years old,
  • Polish citizenship,
  • permanent address of registration,
  • ID card,
  • PESEL number,
  • account in a Polish bank,
  • active cell phone number.

It is worth noting that telephone loans are loans for proof. The lender usually does not require any additional documents. Thanks to this, applying for additional funds is simple and quick!
The phone loan offer should be considered by anyone who:

  • there is no permanent internet access,
  • I don’t want to use public WiFi
  • wants to receive quick financial help, and at the moment has no access to the network (e.g. on vacation or shopping in the mall,
  • I don’t want to apply for a loan at a branch.

Advantages and disadvantages of a quick loan over the phone to your account

Advantages and disadvantages of a quick loan over the phone to your account

Telephone loans, like other financial products on the market, have their pros and cons. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the phone loan will help you fully understand the offer and allow you to consciously use this offer.

Advantages of a phone loan:

  • quick application process for additional funds,
  • instant transfer of money to your account,
  • the opportunity to talk about the details of the offer with a consultant,
  • telephone loan without certificates – an ID card is enough,
  • telephone loan without BIK. Blemishes on your credit history don’t have to cross your loan prospects.

Disadvantages of a phone loan:

  • the possibility of applying for a loan only during business hours,
  • the need to register in the loan service in most companies,
  • offer often addressed only to regular customers,
  • smaller selection of phone loan offers immediately.

SMS loans for proof also available!

SMS loans for proof also available!

A type of phone loan is SMS loan. Instead of calling the consultants of the loan company, we apply for a loan using a text message. As with telephone loans, the lender may require prior registration.

Will lenders also offer SMS loans for those in debt? The Cred Group informs that after the second quarter of 2018, Poles’ debt totaled almost PLN 32 billion. On average, each of us is indebted to the amount of 5.5 thousand. zł. That is why questions about loans for debtors appear more and more often. Debts do not close this path to additional funds. Each application is considered individually. Because of this, you can get a loan even without a perfect credit history.

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